A little bit about me, what I do, and where you can find it …

At the height of my quarantine hair/beard shagginess

If I read correctly, I can’t make money on this post, but I think it’s okay to post links to my other endeavors on Medium in general. If I’m wrong, someone can scold me and I’ll take it down.

My name is Chris, and I’ve been writing for many years. Mostly via Blogspot and random Facebook musings at 2am that I regret the following morning. Though, now I’ve found Medium, and hope to be more prominent here.

As writing is one of my two primary…

I’ve been bonding over video games with my four year old daughter

Viva Piñata for XBOX is a Dad/Daughter Favorite

When my daughter was a bit younger, my wife and I tried handing her our Nintendo controllers while playing the original Super Mario Bros with Nintendo Switch Online service.

It was more for the humor of it, and to see what happened. She hit that first Goomba, and lost interest pretty quickly. It was cute though.

Last October, having run out of ideas while living the quarantine life, I splurged and bought an Xbox One. …

That you Need to Hear

Lovato Design Music Snob Logo

My wife says I am a music snob. Actually, over the years, many people have said that to me. I have worn it as sort of an unofficial moniker. In my mind it’s not snobbery, its simply knowing what everyone else needs to hear, and trying my best to force them to hear it and agree with me (partially kidding).

I realize in introducing it this way, I’m just feeding the argument about my snobbery. But, I think THIS time, what I have to say will be worth hearing.

An attempt to convince my wife to let me start skating again in the span of one blog post …

The one time I tried skating again after 2010. Looking uncomfortable and underprepared.

In the early 2000’s, I did a lot of aggressive inline skating. It’s always a mouthful to tell people because I have to make sure I clarify the “aggressive” part. This wasn’t recreational skating down the sidewalk, it was all the ramping and grinding (or at least my attempts to do so). It also wasn’t skateboarding.

Aggressive inline skaters and skateboarders have a rivalry that goes back generations. Mostly because the skateboarders were always in our way while we were busy landing our tricks. Of course they thought we had it easy since the skates were strapped to our feet…

Analyzing my tendency towards endless patience

I was waiting at Sonic the other day with my daughter in the car. I like to have her come on little errands with me, and we had been sent by my wife to retrieve some Happy-Hour priced drinks and an ice cream.

My daughter was watching a cartoon on the built in tv in the van, so she was occupied. I was mindlessly scrolling Facebook as I tend to do. Suddenly, she broke her usual character and said,

“Why is it taking so long?”

This was unusual because typically if she’s watching something…

Breaking down the absurd notions of the Patriotic Gospel

I consider myself an Evangelical Christian in theology for the most part. But, the new trend among Evangelical Christians in which patriotism and an America-first attitude outweigh Jesus’ teachings, is not something I can accept.

It seems to me this Patriotic Gospel is gaining more momentum. Though, certainly it’s not an entirely new mindset within the evangelical church. My thoughts below are meant to point out some of the absurdity of what this false gospel leads people to think. I imagine, for those deep within the confines of this offshoot of…

An opinion piece in favor of Mexican street tacos

The Real Deal

Pictured Left to Right: Timothy Dalton, Roger Moore, Daniel Craig, Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan, George Lazenby

*This article assumes a working knowledge of James Bond films*

James Bond movies are my favorite series of films. I’ve spent more time than I’d like to admit daydreaming about the franchise.

A modern film franchise trend is to rely on multiple movies with unifying threads to tie them together. The Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC Universe are two examples that come to mind. Even the “Monsterverse” is beginning to take shape with Godzilla and King Kong movies. And, I’m happy to admit I’m a fan of unified cinema universes.

To my knowledge, the James Bond films were never meant…

Chris Byers

Author of “A Dangerous Faith: Counting the Cost of a Life for Christ”. I will write on a variety of topics related to my various interests.

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